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Eduboston specializes its services to provide educational opportunities in the United States for middle and high school age students from all over the world. With over twelve years of experience in serving international students with placement and educational consulting services at various academic levels, the company has successfully developed the program which prepares international students for the most prestigious colleges and universities in America. Eduboston is currently working with over twenty high schools and colleges over the United States, and it is rapidly expanding its list of schools as it is gaining more popularity among international students. Eduboston guarantees the admissions to many reputable high schools, and it provides an American Homestay program as well as dormitories depending on the needs of the individual students. Eduboston will also provide local managers who are dedicated to providing the support necessary for young students to successfully transition into American schools. Most of all, Eduboston considers itself as an educator with pride and a sense of responsibility. The best interest of the students will always be our first priority.

Updated:October 29,2013

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