EduBoston specializes in offering the highest level of educational consulting and placement services for middle, high school and college age students from all over the world.

With over 15 years of experience, we facilitate the admission process for our international students and partner schools in such a way to make it quick and convenient without compromising the integrity of the process. We also provide homestay screenings, placement, and off-campus life management for all our students.

Here at EduBoston, we consider ourselves educators with compassion and an understanding for young students. The best interest of students will always be our first priority!

Extensive Network of Partner Schools

We have rapidly expanded our list of partner schools in recent years as the EduBoston reputation has grown among American high schools and international students. Today, we offer placement at a wide range of high schools throughout the East Coast and have several new partnerships forming in California.

EduBoston partner schools are recognized as the most reputable in their respective areas and have developed a close working relationship with us. These schools are popular among international students for their affordability, accessibility, and great university placement rate.

The average school size of an EduBoston partner school is approximately 500 students. This ensures our international students access to a large pool of activities, Advanced Placement classes, a low student-to faculty ratio, outstanding student-faculty interaction, and a wide array of sports and clubs.

In addition, we provide homestay screenings and placements for students, mostly with families of other students at the school. These families provide a caring and loving environment for students to progress both academically and socially in their new home.

Expanding into the field of higher education, we have also begun partnerships with several outstanding colleges in the Greater Boston Area and now offer admission services for these schools. Our experienced educational staff coordinates and facilitates the international student admissions for these colleges and universities to make the process quick and convenient, without compromising the integrity of the process.

Exceptional International Student Support Services

Our program is specifically designed to be more hands-on than other programs in our field. The EduBoston team of Program Managers, school faculty, and host families work together to monitor students’ progress and make information readily available to parents.

Parents have access to all reports, academic information, and pictures of their children via our safe and secure, password protected online database (CRMS) 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

All of our team members also have access to key student information at all times including host family and student contact information and student health insurance information. This provides the entire team the tools necessary to instantaneously respond to urgent situations.

Additionally, we have dedicated customer service teams in both the U.S. and in the student’s home country, allowing us to communicate with natural parents at any time of the day. Our customer service team is in daily communication with the Program Managers to identify and communicate problems as they arise.

EduBoston Advantage

The EduBoston advantage is we work to cultivate close relationships with our partner schools by having a consistent presence on campus. Our Program Managers visit their schools on a bi-weekly basis, not only to check on the students but to communicate with the school’s faculty and identify potential issues.

In several of our partner schools, we have hired staff and coordinate the ESL program. Many of our schools trust us greatly and have granted EduBoston an exclusive relationship for international students, a rarity in today’s educational market. Our involvement in the students’ American experience is not just limited to the host family, but encompasses the student’s entire time in the United States.

Lastly, team members at EduBoston are education professionals who truly understand the challenges these young students face. Many of our team members are parents, host parents, or have been faculty members at our partner schools. They know how important their roles are and the positive impact their dedication will have on the students’ lives throughout their academic career.