Announcing the Appointment of Two New EduBoston Program Managers Serving Southern Massachusetts

Thursday, Oct 13, 2016

Kimmery Beels meets with one of our new Bishop Connolly students.



EduBoston is pleased to welcome two new program managers serving our partner schools south of Boston. We’d like you to meet Kimmery Beels and Sarah DiFazio.

Kimmery, who lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, will be working with students at Bishop Connolly High School and Cape Cod Academy. Sarah, who makes her home in Braintree, Massachusetts, will be working with students at Montrose School, Whitinsville Christian School and Cardinal Spellman High School.

Both Kimmery and Sarah bring valuable skills and unique perspectives to the EduBoston team, along with a shared mission to support students, their natural parents, partner schools and host families to ensure their experiences exceed expectations.

Meet Kimmery

For Kimmery, a mother of three and host parent to two EduBoston students, her work as a program manager is fueled by a guiding principle she has successfully enlisted as a parent: the belief that by instilling a strong sense of independence and self-confidence every student has the capacity to reach his or her highest goals.

“It takes adults who care about the process and who are there to help students understand what has to be done and then guide them through it,” she says. “I’ve done that for my own children, and now I hope to do that for EduBoston students.”

Kimmery and her husband have raised three children, two of whom are now successful adults on enviable career tracks. Her youngest is still in high school, at the top of his class and embarking on his fifth year studying the Chinese language.

An ever-expanding knowledge of China and the Chinese culture is another aspect of Kimmery’s experience that has prepared her to become a program manager. Her eldest son studied for a time at Fudan University in Shanghai, and the entire Beels family traveled to visit him there. During their stay they experienced the many wonders of China, from The Great Wall to the Jīngjù (Chinese opera). Kimmery and her husband came home with a much deeper understanding of the Chinese culture—and of the value they had to offer as a host family. Today, the couple hosts two students from China, Michael and Henry. EduBoston Senior Program Manager Sue McCann, whom Kimmery calls “highly invested in her students,” has been an inspiration to Kimmery as she joins the EduBoston program manager team herself.

Kimmery, who studied communication and public relations at Suffolk University, says her experiences have uniquely prepared her for the program manager position, where her first priority is the wellbeing of students.

“Keeping that in mind, I am also an advocate for my students, making sure the experience is good for everyone involved, and bridging any gaps,” Kimmery says.

Kimmery is eager to be hands-on for her students and our partner schools and host families.



Sarah DiFazio meets with one of our new Cardinal Spellman students.



Meet Sarah

Program Manager Sarah DiFazio comes to EduBoston from Harvard University where she worked as a teaching assistant for the past 11 years. While there, Sarah worked primarily with international students, which has well prepared her to provide guidance to high school-aged students headed into the college years.

Sarah says she is looking forward to assisting teenage students as they acclimate to the American culture.

“Many students are just getting to know the language and culture here, while also facing challenges as teens being away from home and being on their own for the first time. It’s a major adjustment,” Sarah says. “I feel like having worked in education, and being a parent myself, I can relate to not only the struggles but also the successes that these students will encounter on a compassionate, caring and human level.”

Sarah, a mother to a seven-year-old daughter, says it is important to her that students, host families and natural parents have a positive cultural and educational experience. “What that entails on a day-to-day basis depends on what is happening with the students emotionally, socially and academically. As a program manager, we want to see that the students are getting the most out of the experience.”

Additionally, Sarah is looking forward to serving our partner schools as an essential communication liaison.

Sarah recently attended Mass at Cardinal Spellman High School, which was one of her first shared experiences with her EduBoston students, and it contributed to her enthusiasm about the many shared experiences to come. “I am excited to discover all that the schools have to offer right along with our students.”

Sarah believes that each student comes from a unique background and has an individual set of needs and goals, so she is eager to get to know her students at that individual level and tailor her approach and style to each of them in order to best meet their needs. “Especially with teens you cannot take a standard approach,” she says.

The program managers play an important role in supporting EduBoston students and our partner schools. This layer of support is one that sets EduBoston apart from other programs, and we are so happy to welcome two highly qualified women to the team.