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Partner School St. Peter-Marian Junior-Senior High School to Host Bachson Academy’s Intensive English Language Program

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

EduBoston is pleased to share the news that Bachson Academy’s Intensive English Language program is now being hosted onsite at St. Peter-Marian Junior-Senior High School, an EduBoston Partner School located in Worcester, MA. Bachson Academy, a subsidiary of EduBoston, provides ESL services to international students requiring English language assistance and enrichment to help them succeed in their American classrooms. The announcement of an onsite location at St. Peter-Marian means that these students will benefit from an intensive program while maintaining their day-to-day high school activities.

Bachson Academy Executive Director Madeleine Monaghan Golda says students involved in the program will take high school credit bearing courses as well as intensive English language courses. They will study English for 18 hours per week.

“The courses they take in English will count toward their electives courses, which means that even though the students still need to study their English, they will not delay their graduation date. It is a perfect blend of high school diploma coursework and intensive English language studies,” she says.


Additionally, students enjoy all the benefits of being full-time students at an American high school. They are able to participate in field trips, activities, social clubs, after-school tutoring and volunteer service learning.

Bachson’s teacher-to-student ratio is 1:12, which supports a learning environment that is personal and attentive. Director Jennifer Martin says the advantages to the program are many.


"International students come to the U.S. and St. Peter-Marian specifically to learn English. Here, they are immersed in English as it is actually used, all day, every day. Not only inside the classroom, but also outside it and independently of formal study, students are constantly exposed to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in real, practical contexts," Martin says.


"Everything around them – conversations, newspapers magazines, television, music, signs on the street, advertisements, and information in shops and on product package – is in English so they become truly fluent in the language much more easily and quickly than they would by studying in their home country."


The program involves five core areas, including:

Learner Centered Curriculum. Students engage in activities that emphasize different learning styles for maximum effect, such as visual, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile learning.

Production Skills Curriculum. Students engage in debate, dialogue, role play, classroom dramas and simulations.

Group Work Project Design. Students participate in integrated group activities with American students and other international students.

Leadership and Self-Advocating Curriculum. Students work on study skills and techniques that will allow them to acquire leadership skills and gain the tools to advocate for themselves throughout their American experience.

Global Curriculum. Students work together to design and present their own solutions to a global issue.

Students in the program build confidence and independence while taking the first steps toward their global future in a multi-cultural American classroom. They gain experience in team projects, debating skills, testing and much more. During this program students also learn skills for a successful college interview, among many other preparatory lessons.


EduBoston Partner School St. Peter-Marian has a great deal to offer students as they develop their language skills.


"St. Peter-Marian has many added bonuses, including a student body with highly educated and engaged parents, diverse clubs and sports, high-tech clubs and projects in partnership with a local university, regular visits from recruiters from some of the best colleges in the U.S., and a mission of developing students' values, compassion and attitude of service of society," Martin says.


In addition to its location at St. Peter-Marian Junior-Senior High School, Bachson Academy has locations at Assumption College in Worcester, MA, and at Trinity High School in Stamford, CT. Find out more about Bachson at