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A Senior Celebration at St. Joseph High School

Friday, Dec 02, 2016

Homecoming is always a special time, but it is even more meaningful for seniors. At St. Joseph High School, an EduBoston Partner School in Trumbull, CT, the senior class, including 10 EduBoston students were honored this year with a special assembly. The entire class was invited to retire their school uniforms for the day and replace them with their finest formal attire to celebrate Homecoming. 


EduBoston students who participated in the festivities were Yutong Su, Qiyang Zhang, Ziyun Li, Yanbo Wu, Boyuan Wen, Shiman Hu, Lingyan Jiang, Liaxuai Zhang, Yangcheng Bai, and Kaiyuan Zheng.


As the student gathered for group photos, the girls were given gold roses to hold, and the boys were given a red rose to pin to their jackets. Gold and red represent St. Joseph's school colors.


Students also attended a special Homecoming assembly for seniors, which included Mass and luncheon.


EduBoston student Yutong Su recalled, "We all waited in lines outside to get ready. Then, every homeroom filed inside the gym in order. The school principal [James Keane] gave a speech, and the top three acts from the talent show performed."


Her favorite part of the assembly was the slideshow, which consisted of photos showcasing the seniors from their days as freshmen to their days as upperclassmen.


For Qiyang Zhang, another EduBoston student, the slideshow was a wonderful trip down memory lane. "We had the slideshow, which picked up out memories for what we have done in the past four years. It was great to watch. "


This was a memorable day for the EduBoston seniors at St. Joseph and their Program Manager Kristin Lynch. She has enjoyed supporting her students throughout their time at St. Joseph, and Homecoming was a proud moment for her.


"I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful group this year. They are truly the best!"

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