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Production of Annie Featuring EduBoston Students at Sacred Heart High School, Kingston

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016

The sun came out for three EduBoston students at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, Massachusetts, when they performed in the school's November production of "Annie".


The musical was directed by Sacred Heart's Dan Sapir, theater coach and drama director. "Annie" is the Tony Award-winning musical that tells the story of an orphan girl whose hope for a better tomorrow becomes a reality. A few of the production's best-known songs include "Tomorrow" and "It's A Hard Knock Life."


EduBoston student's Wenyang "Victoria" Gao, Junjin"Candice" Wang and Zhongshan"Johnson" Gui were part of the cast. All three are juniors at Sacred Heart.


Gao had been involved in prize-winning traditional history programs in China, which she said helped her feel comfortable on the "Annie" stage.


Wang, too, was nervous at first, but quickly overcame her hesitation and delivered a professional performance.


Gui who had also never performed in a musical before, had long been hoping to act on stage. 


"I am an international student from Shanghai, China, and this is my first time joining a play. I feel glorious,” Johnson says. “I really like being a part of it. When I was in China, I wanted to participate in a play, but I didn't have the chance. Now, I have the opportunity.”

Sapir and the student cast and crew of “Annie” prepared for more than three months leading up to opening night on November 17. He told Sacred Heart that the case went “above and beyond.”

Betty Shedd, who serves as Program Manager for all three Sacred Heart students, says the performances were “fantastic.”

“They sang, they danced, and they acted! These students are to be applauded and commended for their stage presence and for their commitment to the production and to their other cast members,” Shedd says.

EduBoston students like Gao, Wang and Gui, learn how to adapt to not only the American classroom during their time here, but to the entire high school experience. Involvement in extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are an important part of that process, and they serve to prepare students for greater involvement at the college and community level.

We join Program Manager Betty Shedd in congratulating these Sacred Heart stars on their first stage experience.

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