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EduBoston Host Families Invite the World to Their Tables.

Friday, Jan 20, 2017


At EduBoston, Host Families play a key role in the academic success and overall well-being of our international students during their time in America. Our warm and loving Host Families welcome students into their homes where they provide meals, transportation, security and an authentic American cultural experience. EduBoston makes sure to give Host Families the support and education they need as they take on this very special role. 


EduBoston is proud to offer an industry-leading 6-layered support system that provides Host Families with the same level of support afforded to our students and Partner Schools.


Once a Host Family is selected through our careful screening process, they will participate in a comprehensive training and orientation program at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. There, they have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of being a Host Family. Our orientation is an open and comfortable forum, where Host Parents can ask questions of EduBoston staff and meet other Host Families. 


Once students arrive and begin their journey, we offer Host Parents ongoing support through our dedicated Program Managers who are available 24/7 and live locally. Program Managers provide regular home visits and frequent communication. In addition, Host Families receive a generous monthly stipend. Throughout the year, EduBoston also provides ongoing cultural training and regular webinars for our Host Families.

Our record of success with homestay management is evidenced by the fact that most of our families come to us through referrals. Plus, a large percentage of EduBoston Host Families return year after year to welcome our students into their homes. 


93% of our students live with the same Host Family for the entire school year.


73% of our students remain with the same Host Family throughout high school.


Hosting is a rewarding and fulfilling experience designed to help young people far from home achieve their academic goals and life aspirations. Lasting relationships begin with EduBoston.


Lisa Devaney, an EduBoston Host Parent, said that she and her entire family enjoyed the hosting experience and that it soon felt as though the student they hosted had always been a part of their family.


“Our student has shared both her written and spoken language with us. She has also taught us to cook Chinese food and noodle dishes. We have learned about Chinese customs and traditions and in turn have been able to show her our culture, traditions, and way of life,” Devaney said.


"Hosting an EduBoston student has been a wonderful experience for our family. Learning about a different culture firsthand makes our big world seem a little smaller.”


EduBoston is currently accepting Host Family applications to house our incoming high school students. There are immediate Host Family openings for the Spring 2017 semester, beginning this month, as well as ongoing opportunities to host students throughout the year. Inquire today!