EduBoston: Providing 6 Layers of Student Support

Wednesday, Jan 04, 2017

There are many aspects of EduBoston that set our company apart from other organizations in our industry. One unique program attribute is our 6 Layers of Student Support, created to help students and natural families know that students are in good hands at all times. We have built our 6 Layers of Student Support to include members of our friendly, knowledgeable Program Manager team as well as our caring, committed Host Families and dedicated school partners and teachers.

Maintaining open channels of communication and trust are essential to the success and satisfaction of our students and families. Here is a closer look at each of EduBoston’s 6 Layers of Student Support.

1. Host Families

Our carefully selected Host Families are the First Layer of Support, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere inside their homes and their hearts. The primary motivation for our families is to create a safe and secure space and loving environment where students can feel comfortable, and are best able to focus on their studies. Host parents serve as guides through the students’ critical teenage years. Another key benefit to living with a Host Family is that students learn conversational language and American customs so they can acclimate more easily to the culture as they prepare for U.S. collegiate life. Host Families represent their local school neighborhoods and communities, and take responsibility for ensuring students eat well, get where they need to go, and have trusted guidance at home. Students and families share cultural experiences with each other—so both parties end up gaining a great deal from the experience.

2. Program Managers

EduBoston is recognized as a leader in the industry in good part because of our Program Managers, who represent our Second Layer of Support. Program Managers establish close and lasting relationships with students, and are available for guidance every hour of the day throughout a student’s stay in America. The Program Manager is the first point of contact for students and Host Families. They are responsible for approximately 20 students each, allowing the students to receive a high level of personal attention. Not only that, but Program Managers live and work nearby to students so that they can easily reach out, as needed. Most importantly, our Program Managers work one-on-one with each student to help him or her meet all academic challenges, constantly monitoring the student’s progress at school and in the social sphere. Program Managers are the first line of contact in the U.S. for students’ families back home as well, making themselves available at all times via WeChat.

3. Regional Managers

Our Third Layer of Support is our Regional Management team. They are responsible for supervising our Program Managers as well as offering important support, guidance, tutoring, and mentoring to students. Each Regional Manager has a minimum of 5 years’ experience with international student services. They also offer Host Family support and training, and they step in when challenges arise to quickly address them and implement solutions.

“The relationships I build with my students are very special. I cherish the moments I have teaching them about family, kindness, compassion, gratitude, and social values. I hope that at the end of the day, I have colored their lives as much as they have mine.”

- Rose Nanista, Regional Manager

4. Student Affairs Coordinator

The Fourth Layer of Support is our dedicated Student Affairs team, a regional school-focused staff that support students in the areas of cultural adjustment. They are there to address the real-world experiences our students face, such as the challenge of moving to a new country and the ups and downs of being a teenager. Each Student Affairs Coordinator is bilingual, and they have experience in student development, social work, and/or teaching. They have a deep knowledge of both the student’s native culture and American culture, and are excellent resources to help our students bridge the gap. When necessary, this team steps in at every level, to be a coach, mentor, adviser, and friend.

5. International Student Coordinator

Our International Student Coordinators play a very important role as the Fifth Layer of Support. This is a school-appointed position at our Partner Schools. Coordinators interview and manage international students, both newly enrolled and returning. In this role, the coordinator teaches ESL and provides academic council at the school level. The familiarity the coordinators have with their schools allows them to personalize support for each student. They work closely with school administrators, admissions counselors, and guidance counselors at the school to ensure a smooth transition and integration for students, and are responsible for setting up new student orientations. Students will know coordinators well because they communicate with the school, students, host parents, and natural parents. They often spearhead international cultural clubs at the school.

6. Customer Service Representatives

The Sixth Layer of Support is made up of Customer Service Representative team. This team of service-minded Customer Support Administrators is stationed abroad to facilitate quick and efficient communication between the U.S. teams and Natural Parents, guaranteeing high-quality support for our students.

These 6 Layers of Student Support are what define EduBoston’s unique approach to educating overseas students. We take these attributes of our program very seriously and believe wholeheartedly that each one is essential to ensuring a positive student experience. We invite you to contact us to hear more about our support network and how it’s made a difference for our students, families, and Partner Schools.